Born in Paris, France, and currently residing in Hamilton, Ontario. I’ve spent 15 years working in the television and film industry in various positions, and for a wide variety of major companies and clients, including Color By Deluxe, CityTV, Bravo!, Space: The Imagination Station, Canadian Idol, CTV, Dome Productions, Chessler-Perlmutter Productions, TSN, Rogers Sportsnet, RDS, MLSE, ESPN, The CBC and The Second City (to name just a few). I have a strong background in creative and technical writing, literature, art, and event coordination and have undergone an evolutionary shift in careers towards more creative avenues such as graphic design and furthering my artistic development while maintaining a strong foothold in the entertainment industry. Most recently I was the Graphic Designer at Allegra Hamilton, at their Hughson Street location in the heart downtown Hamilton. Currently I work as a freelancer, offering design solutions for a myriad of clients, as well as running a local art collective that meets twice a week. I am also making my first attempt at writing a novel, which has been very rewarding thus far.

I’m a pixel pusher, photographer, artist, and writer. Addicted to learning, I am always seeking out fresh ideas to play with, and I embrace the ups and downs of every journey.

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